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UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Dos Santos preview

Lewis and Dos Santos square off!
Credit: @UFC via Twitter

Tomorrow night Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis takes on the former UFC Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos! This heavyweight scorcher seems to be flying under the radar amongst the casual fan. With this in mind, we thought we’d bring you some insight for Lewis vs Dos Santos!

What does Lewis bring to the table?

A lot of people write off Derrick Lewis. They label him as a one-dimensional fighter who lands lucky punches. However, I have been in attendance for a live Derrick Lewis fight in Las Vegas for UFC 229. Let me tell you, he is so much more!

He was able to captivate a crowd that erupted when he scored a last minute knockout! He’s also a very likeable and relatable guy. Derrick is overweight, eats lots of Popeye’s chicken and was never looked upon as the next big Heavyweight star.

Being the underdog is his strong suit. Technically, Junior Dos Santos is the better fighter in every aspect of the game. However, the last 3 of Junior’s losses have come by way of knockout. Lewis is certainly capable of knocking out the Brazilian during any point in this five round slug fest.

How does “Cigano” compare?

Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos will undoubtedly go down as one of the best Heavyweight’s of all time. He has beaten a whose who of Heavyweight fighters. During the peak of his career, Dos Santos was a rock star in Brazil and admired by many across the nation.

This is arguably still the case. Junior thrives against an opponent who lets him dictate the pace of the fight and advance forward. An opponent who stands in front of him, flat footed will be easy pickings for Dos Santos. Derrick Lewis is this kind of opponent and unfortunately for the American, Junior has much more experience when it comes to fighting 5 round fights.


Ultimately, Derrick will tire at some point in the fight if he hasn’t managed to finish Dos Santos early. Junior is a much better boxer and his agility should allow him to avoid Lewis’s knockout power. From there, Dos Santos should be able to capitalise on a fatigued opponent and get the finish.

Prediction: Dos Santos by TKO.

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