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The Ultimate Fighter Season 27 Episode 3 Review

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Straight away the episode’s focus is on Jose Martinez Jr of Team Miocic getting ready to take on Luis Pena of Team Cormier. Jose is currently 4-0 in his professional career and we get to see some footage of his previous fights. On the way back from training Jose get’s into a heated discussion with featherweight Dulani Perry. At first it seems like they’re joking around, however, it becomes clear that the two don’t like each other and that Team Miocic don’t really want Dulani on their side.

British fighter Jay Cucciniello comes in between the two fighters to calm things down and help the two make peace for now.

We then get to see Luis Pena doing some light work in the TUF house’s garden. Luis likens himself to 80s painter Bob Ross and goes into his background. Born in Italy, Luis was adopted by an American family and currently resides in Hillsboro, Missouri on an animal sanctuary with his girlfriend.

Being around animals, he states that this lifestyle greatly complements his fighting career and allows him to keep calm outside of the gym.

After getting to see where Luis lives and trains, we then get a further look into Jose’s home life. Martinez Jr has a daughter named Chloe. Surprising her by picking her up from school, it’s clear to see how much she means to him and motivates him to fight well in the competition.

Jose get’s teary eyed explaining how in 1995, his father died of a heart aneurysm. His father got him into boxing at a young age and his passion for fighting eventually progressed by practising other martial arts. Jose seems very confident in each aspect of MMA.

The episode shifts focus to a pad session with Luis. Luis shows an emotional side by getting frustrated with the gloves that they’re using. This causes conflict with Cormier. Eventually, the two see eye to eye and start to get in some good work.

Just like with Jose, we get a chance to watch Luis’s previous fights.

Again, Luis shows an emotional side in the TUF house and gets into an argument with Suman Mokhtarian of Team Miocic. Suman was quite loud and started shouting on his entry into the TUF kitchen. Luis clearly isn’t a morning person and yelled at Suman to keep quiet. Luis’s weight cut seems to be dampening his mood.

The episode cuts to weigh in day and both fighters comfortably make the lightweight limit. Luis is definitely the bigger man between the two. With Daniel Cormier commenting “this is scary” when the two fighters face off. Going into the fight, both fighters seem relaxed, happy with their body and mental state.

In round 1 Martinez comes out strong with a flurry of strikes in the beginning. Both fighters are no slouches in the striking department and begin getting into come competitive exchanges. Luis then starts to find his timing, using his range to land some vicious strikes against Jose. Martinez Jr. starts slowing down and Luis seemingly takes round 1 comfortably.

At the start of round 2 Pena looks like the fresher fighter. Jose has a bloody nose and Pena lands a precise front kick to the face. After a series of significant strikes, Luis too starts to slow down. However, he remains to get the better of the grappling exchanges. Towards the end of the round you can tell Jose Martinez Jr. doesn’t want it as much as Luis and he continuously covers up and eats shots.

The fight goes to a decision. All three judges scored it 20-18 to Luis Pena. After the fight, Luis admits he “threw the kitchen sink” at Jose and was disappointed that he didn’t finish the fight. As expected, Jose was quite emotional after the fight, however, Team Miocic did a great job of picking him up.

With Cormier holding the fight pick, he chooses Bryce Mitchell to take on England’s Jay Cucciniello in a featherweight bout.

Don’t forget to catch new episodes of  the Ultimate Fighter series 27 every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT) on Fox Sports 1 in America and every Thursday at 3am on BT Sport 2 in the UK.

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